Bee-hold. This is un-bee-lievable. Simply bee-utiful. Ok, ok, if you haven’t heard the buzz, the bee problem is serious and worth more than a few bad puns. Honey bees are dying off at a rate of 44% per year. As a company that relies heavily on all the delicious hard work those bees do, we can’t sit by idly. That’s why Justin’s is Nuts for Bees. We’re joining forces with the Xerces Society, People and Pollinators Action Network and  Growing Gardens on a national, state and local level. Joining the cause is easy, and victory will be sweet (sorry).

Now, have you ever wanted to bee-come a bee? No? Just me?  Well, now you can buzz through one of our almond orchards and see the gorgeous almond trees bloomin’ through a bee’s eye view. Check it out! Bee sure to use the controls to look up, down and all around.

Virtual Reality Advertising & 360 Video VR Player